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SHINee ODD is outtttt

Well its already 3days since they dropped their 4th Album ODD and its been 3 days since I'm flailing over their comeback and screaming ONEEEEEEWWWWWW internally. Lets talk about the songs one by one.

1. Odd Eye
Jonghyun once said to fandom he wont compose for SHINee because he's afraid his song wont match SHINee color.

but the day when the tracklist is released, fandom lose its shit because it is clearly said 김종현 under composer and lyric for this track. he said he composed this song thinking each member vocal color. Once again, fandom lose its shit.

Things I like in this song:
- MINHO'S RAP. I really like his flow.
- the lyrics which said "my eyes on you" sounds like "my eyes onew" (bias talking)
- F A L S E T T O
- jonghyun really thinking deeply abt each member vocal color and expose them right.

2. Love Sick
this song said to be the sequel to Replay (let us rest in peace, dying from feels). They finally date that noona and feeling lovesick. The fact that this is the continuation of replay is enough to made me (and all people, lbr) fell in love with this song.


3. View
The tittle track. They said they vote for the tittle track and view won! Different than their heavy dance track like everybody or dream girl, this song is so laid back and give us summer vibe just like the mv did.

I really like the fact that this is not the track we expected from them, yet this is so SHINee. They pull it of well. And finally they have a dance routine that dont require them to sommersault or smth.

4. Romance
Vacation song. Try to play this track on your way to exciting trip. Syubidup pupupurup.

5. Trigger
My anthem. This track have potential as title track, if we're going to follow the path like everybody kind of way. And yeah I really REALLY WISH THEY WILL PERFORM THIS SONG ONCE IN THEIR ENTIRE CAREER. PRETTY PLEASE SM????? Bcs this song is my sweet sweet heart???

6. Farewell my love
I will said this is the powerful ballad track like romantic back in their shinee world album (or is it in amigo repackage?). This track will torn your heart and feeling sour. Now its bye bye

7. An Ode to you
Another ballad. Not as powerful as farewell my love. This track have a vibe like its a last track in this album. That song you will hear at movie's credit. Or in the end of drama. Minho said this song dedicated for shawol. Awwwww cute.

8. Alive
This is sick. The transition between an ode to you to alive will surprise you, literally. my shoulder will flinch even I knew this song is coming. I always love this kind of sound and the Minho finally said "SHINee's back". AND WE SHOULD TALK ABOUT RAP BATTLE BETWEEN KEY AND MINHO WHICH EXCITE MY HEART MORE THAN I EXPECTED?? Please, don't get me wrong.

9. Woof Woof
Every album always that one party fun idgaf kind of song. And Shawol knew it would be woof woof from day 1 lol. This song will got you excited and blown by their vocal at the same time. So skip the boring bits, lets party together.

10. Black Hole
After partying hard with woof woof, SHINee calm you down with Black Hole, suck you off with an even line distribution. You dont need to think hard, just follow their lead.

11. An Encore
The second you hear this song, you know the party will be over. So you will give your all to enjoy the last song. You will sharpen your ear to hear every voice they produce, Waving your hand, reminiscing the last hour you spend with them. This song is just perfect. This is Encore is all about.

I Love this Album. I'm their fan and yeah I will shamelessly said I really really like this album. This is SHINee is all about. Another remarkable point in this album is line distribution. Everybody make a fuss about their vocal and the release of this album is their way to answer the doubt. Their vocal just blend and have distinct character at the same time. Every member has matured and I love them and GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH ONEWWWWWW I MISS YOUR VOICE HUHUHU TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND DON'T YOU CRY EVER AGAIN ㅠ_ㅠ


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